The first letters, it is said, were of dwarfish script: runes in stone, simple in form. Simple-- but possessed of an ancient and powerful magic! The dwarrows, they are close in spirit to the earth's bones; and the earth's bones are powerful indeed. By runes the mountain-children tap the bones of their mother. The proto-Magi of Shatterkeep learned from the dwarrrows many words, in the time before time. Names the proto-Magi asked, and names they recieved: of land, of water, of cursed sky and sacred mountain. Many names were given thus, and from these names the proto-Magi devised a title for the very world: ÖK-GAMMR An auspicious name! There was rejoicing among the proto-Magi! Thus they translated it: "The Mighty Earth". The dwarrows hadn't the heart to explain "Ök Gammr"'s more literal translation.

------------------------------------------------ You are Meridyth of Marr. You were born to a mundane family, undercaste of the High City. You spent your first years under the schooling of your mother, obtaining in this way the rudiments of a formal education-- not so fine as a wizard's whelp might have received, but you made do. When you reached nine years of age, your father was offered a choice by the City Council (as is traditional): subject you to the Marking, a dangerous procedure, or leave you to grow up an inferior in the city of Magi. Your father chose the Marking. A Magus set your flesh with Dwarfish sigil-work, and you were granted access to the very fabric of the world! were lucky to survive. Some don't. Your younger brother didn't. ------------------------------------------------ Such is the way. You were lucky, and your Magus mark shines bright and clear: A) On your tongue. You work the Arcanum by verbal incantation: this affords you great precision in your magicks, but slows the casting process somewhat. The more complicated the spell, the longer the incantation. B) On your fingers. You work the Arcanum by gesture, and by the tracing of sigils. Gesture is swift and simple; sigils are slow, and often devilishly intricate. C) On your forehead. You work the Arcanum by direct thought: touching it is as intuitive to you as breathing. Your magic is swift and powerful, but imprecise… and difficult to control. An emotional slip on your part could prove dangerous, or even devastating.