[1d20=12] >>> FIELD_MOVE: FORWARD(10) >>> FIELD_EXCLUDE: HEAT It's a moment's work to rig the field. The call of the monsters beats fresh on your ears and fingers, as your sphere of influence shifts forward and away. A chill fog coalesces in the hanging sphere, faint before the charging beast... [1d20=4] VS. [1d20=17] ...it leaps through, frost falling off its body as it flies. You catch a second's glimpse of howling uvulae, maddened, closing fast. You move to dodge, throwing up an arm against the charge-- [1d20=2] VS. [1d20=13] [1d20=4] THUD. Snap. It's on you before you can move, fang and claw; you hit the ground again, your ice-field dissolving as you reel. The beast's teeth find your arm, gnawing wetly for the bone. Your left hand twitches, spasms. Sigils flow through your mind, half-conscious, desperate-- [1d20-2=16] [1d20=18] [1d20=12] VS. [1d20+5=8] >>> ENERGY_DRAW: HEAT --and you tear your arm from the beast's maw, long enough to set a spell in motion. The air ripples, chills; the spittle of your enemy freezes in its mouth, as your somatics leech the warmth from its flesh. You spread your fingers wide, and *push*-- >>> ENERGY_RELEASE: UNTIMED(FORWARD) No flashy lights. No crackling flames. Just a *whoosh* of superheated air, and the sizzle of ruined eyes. The monster reels, screaming. You're up in an instant, breathing hard and ragged. [1d20=6] The other beasts screech, and charge. **Do you flee to the wastes? Dodge around, further into the compound? Something else?** ----------------------------------- You are Meridyth of Marr. Your arm is bleeding heavily-- holed and torn. It is second noon. You have 20 hours before pickup. -----------------------------------

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