"FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD" - Gunnar Brokennose, Plutocrat of the Seventh Mage-Circle --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world is a big place. Magical. Dangerous. Old. War after war has played out upon its surface, spearheaded by mystic mage and barbarian lord; cities lie broken beneath the grass, buried by the weary millennia. There's tremendous wealth to be found in the ruins of past peoples, relics and magicks long forgotten by the folk of today... but so too, there's beasts and monsters slumbering in those self-same ruins that'd perhaps be better left forgotten. Archaeology is serious business, and its proponents have a nasty habit of meeting with the sorts of grisly fates one might expect in an gnomic cage-fight. (Nasty business, those gnomic cage-fights.) Still... those who probe the ruins and survive? Those people become the stuff of legend. Those people live like gods. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are: A) A newly tonsured knight of the prophet-queen Memodn. Swarth-skinned and richly adorned, from a tender age you have spent your days training in the holy arts of war and scholarship. By blade and steed, you shall win glory and wealth for your people! B) A street urchin from the Ergenbash docks. You've lived all your short life on the edge of the law, pilfering your sustenance as best you may-- you've gotten to be quite the dab hand at it, really. Sneakthievery and pickpocketing is your game, and a difficult game it is... perhaps it's time you thought bigger. Much bigger. C) A young Magus Child, just released from your master's guidance. Your education has been independent of the Arcane Order, allowing you a freedom of career not common among Magi-- what better place for a young wizard to further her knowledge than the arcane halls of forgotten ancestors?