{{Start a conversation with the orc about the recent weather.}} Maybe there's a social way out of this. You've got a decent *Fast-Talk* skill. After all, hedge wizardry is two parts magic, one part charlatanry. Time to shoot the breeze and be pleasant. You mention to the Orc that when they captured you, it was about to rain, and hey! The bright side of being locked up is that you get to stay dry! Amirite?

The orc doesn't seem to understand you. You keep talking for a bit, but get no sign of comprehension. He probably doesn't understand Human, and you don't understand Orcish. You try a sentence or two of your broken Halfling, but he doesn't understand that either. {{While we're at it, assess what magicks are available to us right now.}} Oof. Your currently bound spells... leave a little to be desired. The problem with being an Apprentice is that nobody trusts you with the flashy, explodey type magic. Even if you've done it before just fine. Even if you have more "professional" experience than the rest of the apprentices put together. Even if you're older (and therefore more mature) than the rest of the apprentices. Doesn't matter, apparently. Your master forbid you from binding any "dangerous" spells. And somehow, he *always* seems to know what spells you have bound. You keep meaning to figure out how. Long story short, despite the impressive titles you've given yourself, you're a little lacking in the "arcane power" department. You've got a few cantrips bound:

Matchflame: Emits a small candle-flame from your finger. Conveniently allows that finger to resist the heat of candle-sized flames. (Pyroturgy) Elucidatory Illusion: Creates a visual illusion, no larger than 1 foot on a side, within one foot of your open palm. Usually used to show diagrams or illustrate concepts. (Optiturgy) Natural healing: Allows you to heal wounds 25x as fast. While better than lying in an infirmary for weeks, It still feels like it takes forever. (Pharmaturgy) Self-sleep: Puts yourself to sleep for a full 8 hours or until awoken. Helps in loud dorms or during stressful life circumstances. (Psychoturgy) You can cast most of these spells without a problem because your skill levels are so high, but even if you fail, none of them are likely to explode on you because they're all so Arkai-be-damned *tame*. Speaking of skill levels, now that we've referenced them, you can view a partial character sheet.

Fast talking: Bluffing, deceit, and con-artistry. As a hedge wizard, often used to make people think you're a more powerful mage than you are. Your skill of 66 marks you as a professional at this. Pyroturgy: Your master insists you use this "technical" (aka, needlessly fancy) term for your fire magic. Your score of 71 is barely enough to make you a *skilled* professional. Pharmaturgy: Healing magic. Optiturgy: Illusion magic. Psychoturgy: Mind magic. You're new at this, but you *jumped* at the chance to take it when it was offered to you as a field of study. It seems like it would complement your existing skillset quite well. Your skill of 52 marks you as a competent amateur. Obviously you've got other skills. They'll get added as you ask about them or are forced to use them. Most skills you've never (or hardly ever) used are in the 30-40 range, making them of dubious use.

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