You wake up. Your head is *throbbing*. You are Dagomawr Dioli, the prodigy of Silvercreek, the hedge-wizard of Hovenvale, personal apprentice to the Mage's Guildmaster himself... ...and the recent prisoner of some very lucky Orcish bandits. You ought to work on fixing that last part.

Control Dagomawr by inputting commands into the comments section to the right. Commands can be given MSPAA style, written as directions, or phrased as questions, like: - DD: Examine Lock - Is that door locked? - Check to see if the door is locked. Dagomawr is vaguely aware of the rules of the game-like world he inhabits; enough so to reference game concepts (like HP and skill levels) as they come up when talking to you, but not enough so to give tutorials of the game system on request.